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Our Stories

Over the last 10 years the Trust has been committed to helping children with disabilities and their families by providing them with grants for pieces of equipment such as, wheelchairs, car seats, sensory toys, specialist trikes and buggies as well as treatment and therapies including speech and language therapy and movement therapy. These pieces of equipment make such a positive difference to the children’s lives, it can help their development, give them independence or even speed up their recovery. We'd like to share with you some of the children we have had the pleasure of helping…..

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Age: 2, Funded Trike
Condition: Global Development Delay

'Without charities like yours, this wouldn’t be possible. I wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this beautiful smile on my little boy's face!'

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Age: 12, Funded Wheelchair
Condition: Cerebral Palsy

'I just wanted to send you a message saying thank you, thank you, thank you SO much! My daughter Grace got her new wheelchair this morning and it is already life changing for her. Grace has been really struggling recently and it’s the first time I’ve seen her really smile for a while. I can’t tell you how much we all appreciate the funding you provided for her.'

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Age: 13, Funded Trike
Condition: Heart Disease

'Your charitable donation has really made a difference to Calum’s life and will aid his recovery significantly. Nicola and I are so very grateful. Thank you.'

Our Community Projects

We pride ourselves on creating a sense of community within the Trust… Not only does the Boparan Trust fund individuals, we also fund community projects. Over the last 10 years the trust has funded over 25 projects which has impacted over 75,000 children’s lives. Here are some of the projects the trust has funded over the years.

Victoria School Trip Image

Victoria School Trip

Each year, the Boparan Trust works with Victoria School in Birmingham and takes children with lifelong illnesses for a once in a lifetime experience to Disney Land, Florida. The trip gives the children the experience of being away from home, with the support and care of dedicated staff.

Floatsation Swimming Devices Image

Floatsation Swimming Devices

The Boparan Charitable Trust has provided funding for over seven community groups to purchase new floating devices for children with disabilities. ‘Floatsation’ is a unique matrix of balls giving total support and independence for children with disabilities, enabling everyone to have fun in the water in a safe and confident way.

Good Hope Hospital Image

Good Hope Hospital

The Boparan Trust also provided funding for Good Hope Hospital. The Hospital transformed the children’s ward providing a friendly and calming environment that makes the children feel safe. The refurbishment included new flooring and walls, new seating in the reception area and sensory toys. It also included the refurbishment of the children’s play area and consultant rooms making them brighter with cartoons and graphics on the wall. The refurbishment is designed to make the visit to the hospital for children as comfortable and bearable as possible during stressful periods in their lives.

New For 2023

Heartlands Hospital

The Boparan Trust provided funding towards an outside garden play area at the Heartlands Hospital High Dependency Unit for children. The garden was designed to be a ‘safe haven’ for children to enjoy all throughout the year with their family and friends. The garden consists of green area, a play area, a covered area for bad weather and also a quiet sensory area for children with complex needs. We’ll keep you updated on its progress throughout the year.